Coffee & Hot Drinks

Our Coffee shop aims to offer customers the finest in Teas, Coffee’s, hot & cold drinks as well as a wide range of delicious snacks and main meals.


Pot of Tea

Speciality Teas

Premium Fair-trade English Breakfast Only the best leaves from East Africa’s finest gardens are selected

Premium Fair-trade Earl Grey Earl Grey uses high quality black tea flavoured with the natural oil of Bergamot

Camomile – Natural Infusions Dainty whole camomile flowers produce a clear yellow infusion

Green Tea & Peach – Natural Infusions Green Tea leaves and twills of fruit pulp and flower petals unfurl to produce a rich infusion

Lemon Grass & Ginger – Natural Infusions Lemongrass and ginger create a bright, light yellow infusion with a citrus aroma

Peppermint – Natural Infusions Vibrant green peppermint leaves shine in the cup creating a deep amber infusion

Red Berry & Flower – Natural Infusions Deep, rich, ruby clouds explode into the cup releasing an attractive, lush & fruity aroma

Double Espresso - Fresh ground coffee perfectly extracted with a rich crema

Caffe Americano - Fresh ground coffee topped with hot water

Café Latte - Espresso topped with a flat silky milk

Cappuccino - Espresso topped with a milk foam and a dusting of chocolate

Mochaccino - Hot chocolate and espresso, topped with light creamy foam and dusting of chocolate

All our coffee can be served with a choice of syrups

BabyChino - Light milk with syrup & dust of chocolate

Deluxe Hot Chocolate - A rich dark chocolate drink.

Deluxe Hot Chocolate - A rich dark chocolate drink, topped with large marshmallow

Coffee Break